Saturday, March 3, 2012

Docklands and a baptism

This past Sunday I had my nephew's Baptism. I won't get into a discussion on religion and where it sits in today's post modern world...but I will share a few pics from that day. Firstly, there are some pics of Docklands with my new wide angle lens.

All roads lead to.....the Bolte Bridge

All roads on the other side of the road also lead to..... the Bolte Bridge.... oh, and Docklands

All tracks lead to.....Southern Cross Station

All tracks lead to....the Bolte Bridge

All roads lead to.....the many apartment towers at Docklands

Now, for the real reason I was there, my nephew Aston. I know the poor thing is not as cute as me, but bless him for trying :-)

The only photo I recall seeing from my Baptism at the hands of the Church of England (Don't worry, you are probably as surprised as every one else at this news), had the priest sitting on the floor with (another) glass of whisky and sporting a hole in the bottom of one of his good shoes! Great pic, I think  my mum has it stashed away somewhere...

all pics copyright Matthew Schiavello 2012.


  1. hi Matthew. great photos with your new lens. :) i know your nephew is not as cute as you (who is?) but he's pretty cute. adorable in fact. c of e? i would love to see that pic.

  2. Thanks Yevisha.. thanks for the comment :-) I am loving the new lens.. brought it second hand, it is like new and was half the price!!! I will try and track down that pic of the priest and yes, Church of England... ;-)

  3. Re: priest - hehe! I want to see that photo too!

  4. i wanna see that photo of you and priest too