Saturday, May 26, 2012

When two artists meet- Melbourne by night

One recent Sunday night, Tomboy Bill and I met up for an evening of photography. We walked about Melbourne town wearing our scarves and beanies, taking many a photo. At one point I was mistaken for a homeless person (not that there is anything wrong with that!). It wasn't all creative stuff though, Tomboy Bill and I did manage to stop for pie, dodgy mash and rock hard muffin's. Tomboy Bill was Artistic Director and I followed instructions to the T! I had to, otherwise...... Seriously though, we talked, inspired each other, spotted things, we talked lighting, angle and 'feel', we took turns to carry the equipment about and in taking the shots. Anyway, here are some of the results:

"Ahh, So that is where Bennetts lane is!", we exclaimed in unison.

A handsome and single man waiting:

Stumbling through Melbourne's dingy and grotty lanes:

The light that guided us home:

All photographs, Copyright Matthew Schiavello  2012


  1. some amazing photos .......... as usual!

  2. Very kind of you to say that Victor :-)

  3. my fav shot is of metal chair in bourke street

  4. 'young'. You forgot to say 'young, handsome and single'. That's my favourite photo !

    1. awwww too kind and honest of you to say so ;-)

    2. I'm not saying it for you - I'm saying it for me. If you're old then I'm old!