Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walking about Melbourne in Winter

Last month, we have had a few wonderful winters days. You know those day's where the sun is shining and warm....So I grabbed my camera and walked about taking photographs.

The city's edge, with Nadia:

The beautiful Nadia:

A mate and I down in North Melbourne's industrial area on a glorious winter's day:

It does rain here.. and this year we had a LOT of rain, but come on, you don't expect me to take me camera out in the wet do you?

Here are a couple of shots I took from inside my car while I was stuck at traffic lights with the rain washing down, blurring the view out of the windscreen. I pointed the camera out across an inner city intersection at a very bright and colourful new building.

After the rain:

Wet footpaths and steamy windows :

Reflections in the puddles -Westgarth:

All Photographs copyright Matthew Schiavello 2012


  1. by far some of your best. i love the view through the car window. you said of Melbourne 'it does rain here'. that's like saying the desert is hot. i jest of course. we've had more than our fair share of rain this winter. lovely photos. sunny winter days are the best.

    1. :-) Thanks Yevisha!!! I did smile widely at your comment that my stating it rains in Melbourne, is me stating the bleeding obvious. I have spoken to the Lord Mayor, who then spoke to Tourism Victoria, and the result is that you are banned, for life ;-) Only teasing... The Lord mayor has said that you can visit on cold and wet Melbourne days, which gives you a LOT of visiting choices ;-)

    2. gee thanks for your invitation. i'll start packing. :) the last time i was in melbourne i think it was in the middle of a heatwave. 43 degrees for a week or so. i could have stayed in adelaide for that kind of weather. :)

  2. I'm loving your Melbourne series of photos!! Always makes me homesick.