Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mr Chiodo the Tailor

I have the bestest Tailor in the world. I mean that on many levels. Not only is Mr Chiodo a master at his craft, he is also an amazing human being. I blogged once before about his thoughts on how we don't make time to really talk anymore and how this has impacted upon us as a society. Oh, and yes, I know that by my saying 'my tailor', it makes me sound fancy and rich, but truth be told, because I am of 'less than average height', all my pants need to be taken up, as do the sleeves on my shirts. I bet the word 'shorty' or 'short-arse' just sprang into your thoughts! Anyway, on my last visit, Mr Chiodo kindly welcomed me back with my camera, to take some photographs of him plying his trade. Not wanting to miss this great opportunity, I quickly returned and Mr Chiodo graciously let me interrupt him in the midst of his busy workload. I did want to take some pics of him wearing a king's crown with his tools laid out before him, but he humbly declined. As I took photographs, we chatted about anything and everything, from his leaving Italy in 1966, to the importance of his tailoring 'tools', the dying art of tailoring and population of the town my own father came from! I really love chatting with Mr Chiodo! I always leave lighter of spirit and much wiser.

If you are wanting a very good and honest tailoring job done, visit him at 521 High Street Northcote!

Some of the tools of the trade:

Stitching by hand:

A friend drops in, so time for espresso and a chat!

Back to work:

A man who can iron! Mrs Chiodo must love this!

A little bit closer to completion:


All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2012.
All Tailoring and Modelling: Michael Chiodo


  1. I miss you dear Matthew. You are doing so well with your camera. By the way, Mr chiodo must be a lovely man. Great job. Ed

    1. Thanks Ed for your words and compliments, great to hear from you!

  2. hi Matthew. i'd love to meet Mr Chiodo. his skills are fast disappearing. you get great craftsmanship and words of wisdom. it's a win/win situation. treasure him whilst you have him. i must admit that you saying 'my tailor' gave the impression of an age gone by and 'old money' and made me smile. i have a 'tailor' in bali. not quite the same thing i know.

    1. Thanks Yevisha! It's funny as used to have my alterations done elsewhere (at non-tailors) and they charge almost as much, if not the same as Mr Chiodo! I had terrible experiences as well, with the people being rude and dismissive. Mr Chiodo is a God send! I do love that the words 'my tailor' took you back to days gone by.... :-)
      I think we should all have own own tailor, gardener, housekeeper, butler etc.. ;-)

  3. great shots matty...Number 7 down is my fav