Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue - August 2012

Something old:

This tune by the Walkman, always gives me a buzz... yeah, it's sentiments are angry.. but we all know a rat or two! See if you don't start playing air drums to this!!! I know that I have been caught out playing along on them to this whilst on the Dandenong train!

The Walkmen- 'The Rat'

This next one is so mellow...dare I say 'languid'? This is from the Radar Brothers way back in 1996. I loved this album and am not sure why I never brought any more of this groups output.

The Radar Bros.- 'Stay'

Something new:

Angus Stone- 'Bird on the buffalo'. There is something really laid back and lovely about this tune, It reminds me of a bit of Americana, a dash of California, a dab of something widescreen and cinematic.. all mixed unhurriedly. I am also reminded of the Radar Bros 1996 eponymous debut album, a track from it is above ('stay'). What ever way you look at this, I am really enjoying this tune from Angus.

Angus Stone- 'Bird on the buffalo'

And now for something a little different, but not too different. A new tune from the Pet Shop Boys. This clip is interesting and it is great to see PSB do something more mature sounding again. Their 'mature' albums 'Behaviour' and 'Release', I still enjoy and play often. This has some very honest lyrics like:

"After being for so many years
The life and soul of the party
It's weird
I'm invisible
Whatever I
Have said and done
Doesn't matter in this chatter
And hum
I'm invisible"

Pet Shop Boys- 'Invisible'

Something borrowed:

This is a great cover of a great tune! 'Brother', originally by Matt Corby. This is done by Thundamentals, live on Triple J's 'like a version' and these guys really make this song their own. There is a language warning on this one!

Thundamentals - 'Brother'

Something blue:

You may well ask, how does Boards of Canada's tune 'roygbiv' feature under 'something 'blue'.... well  ROYGBIV is of course an acronym for the sequence of hues in a rainbow! 'Blue' of course being one of them! I love this fan made clip as well. Full of 1980's UK adverts, it is very, very cool!

Boards of Canada-'roygbiv'

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