Saturday, September 1, 2012

recent music purchases- September 2012

I finally delved into the back catalogue of Echo & the Bunnymen (on cd). From their wonderful 1984 album, 'Ocean Rain', here is their beautiful and classic track 'The killing moon'.

ahh.. lyrically it has such a lovely maudlin-esque quality..
"Fate, up against your will......"

Echo & the Bunnymen- 'The Killing moon":

Grimes- 'Visions'.
My friend Dean loved this Lp as well and kindly wrote a review for my blog post!.. so sit back and enjoy! Oh there is a language warning for the faint of heart.

Grimes is a 24-year-old Canadian singer with red-carpet looks, who instead chooses to dress like Tank Girl. Her music is mostly electronic, composed on her laptop, and recorded in her bedroom. Her favourite artists include Cocteau Twins, the Swans, and Nine Inch Nails. If you haven't heard, or at least heard of these artists, then you are no hipster and must leave immediately. She has recently launched a jewelry line called "Grimes Pussy Rings" with a Montreal designer call Morgan Black, who is so cool she refuses to have a website. (The name is not a euphemism BTW: the rings are designed to resemble the vulva.) So far, so punchable. But Grimes also likes pop music, so her high-pitched Kate-Bushesque vocals and "ethereal" synths are set to songs that could top the charts with just a few slight tweaks. This makes her latest album, Visions, an indie Trojan Horse. On the outside it's all challenging and artsy and hard work, but when you listen it's shockingly accessible. Short songs with memorable hooks, compellingly dancy beats, none of the jarring, iPod-rattling feedback used by fellow Canucks like Crystal Castles. She could be one of those people who peak with one album and then fade away forever. Or she could be acceptably weird enough to become the next (female) Beck. Look her up on YouTube. If you like one of her singles then you'll probably like her enough to listen to the entire album. You might even end up paying for it like I did. Those vulvas molds aren't going to pay for themselves, you know. - DG.

Here is a track from the LP:
Grimes- "Oblivion"

Stereolab are a band I used to really want to like and then I realised that I do like them, well their earlier stuff that is. Now I have this on Vinyl! From their 1993 Lp 'Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements', here is 'Pack Yr Romantic Mind'

Alabama Shakes are a band that when I first heard I went, yeah..sounds good.. A bit Black Crowes, bit of this and a bit of that.. Then the songs got stuck in my head and I discovered that the singer was woman and It was all WOAH!!!!!
From my new vinyl record 'Boys & Girls', this is 'Hold On' (live on Jools Holland!)

Angus Stone had released a few singles from his new LP 'Broken Brights' and I have to say that the more I heard those tracks the more I wanted to hear the whole Lp, hearing good things about it, I just dived in! Now that I have it, I love it. Apparently my copy of the Lp is 487/500!!! From said album, here is 'wooden chair':

Field music- 'Plumb'

This band are part of the continuation of brilliant English Pop music. Clever, melodic tunes that you hum along to.

Their latest LP- 'Plumb', has 15 tracks blending into each other and lasting for about 35 mins!
They are such a great band!

"(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing"

The Avalanches... on vinyl!!!!  yay!!!!  From their AMAZING LP (from 2000) 'Since I left you',
here is the very fun and crazy track 'Frontier Psychiatrist':

Lastly, from Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's stripped back and beautiful album 'Master and Everyone' Which I finally have on vinyl, here is 'the way', with it's beautiful line of 'love me, the way that I love you'


  1. Yes, you're right, that Grimes song leaves me wanting more, loved the Field Music track, Avalanches, Bonnie P.Billy,,,,Angus Stone - yawn.....thank you for supplying the sound track to my FB time.......xxjody

    1. Hi J, Glad you liked grimes and Field Music. Both Albums these tracks come from a great and worth giving a listen.
      Thanks also for checking out my blog!