Friday, January 25, 2013

Norman Blake and Joe Pernice

If the bands Teenage Fanclub or the Pernice Brothers mean anything to you, then you would have been as excited as I was to have seen Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake and Joe Pernice from, you guessed it, the Pernice Brothers, live together and acoustic at the Northcote Social club.

It started with an email from O. She found out that Norman and Joe had a new band together called 'The New Medicants' and were touring here, playing new songs and songs from their own back catalogues! She sent me a link to a new track and before you could say 'Norman Blake is a hell of a handsome man', O, R and I brought tickets to their show.

Joe Pernice (on the left) and handsome devil Norman Blake (on the right).

It was such a great gig and had a very easy going vibe. Joe and Norman played a few new tunes together  (wowzer! These guys sound great together!) and then they played their own songs, often accompanying the other on guitar or tambourine. At one point sexy Norman Blake (did I just say that?) stopped a song as he forgot the chords. At another point he vamped on some chords and then joked that he had forgotten the lyrics to the second verse. A punter quickly yelled them out to Norman, who thanked him and continued you.  It was all refreshingly relaxed and fun.

As much as I love Norman, Joe Pernice was just a tad better as a solo performer. Halfway though the show Joe was about to start playing 'Bum leg' from his Big Tobacco album and a few punters yelled out to the female bar staff to shut up... Joe was such a professional and decent human being as he told them that was not cool and that the bar staff could do as they pleased. He also went on to joke that it was his job to win them over. O and I both agreed that he as lovely man.

At the end of the gig, Joe came off stage and was talking to some punters and signing things. I walked over and said some thanks to him and then Norman stepped off, met my eyes and said hello. I half froze, nervous as hell, stammered out 'errr hi'.. touched his arm and ran out of the building....
ummm teenage crush anyone??? 

If you are not familiar with their works, let me introduce you to a few of their pieces I really like (and in no particular order):

Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake)- 'Mellow Doubt' [Off the 1995 LP  'Grand Prix']

The Pernice Brothers (Joe Pernice)- 'There goes the sun'  [Off the 2005 LP  'Discover a lovelier you']

Chappaquiddick Skyline (Joe Pernice)- 'Hundred Dollar Pocket' [Off the 2000 self titled  LP]

Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake)- 'Tears' [Off the 1995 LP  'Grand Prix']

Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake)- 'The Concept' [Off the 1991 LP  'Bandwagoneque']

Joe Pernice- 'Bum Leg' live. [Originally off the 2000 LP 'Big Tobacco']. There is a train passing by at the start, so forgiveness for that. Oh and there is a swear word in there somewhere.

Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake)- 'Did I Say'  [Off the 2003 Best of LP  'Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six Seconds: A Short Cut to Teenage Fanclub']

Thanks O, R, Norman and Joe for a great night!


  1. Thanks, Matthew. My computer's on slow at the moment, so I can't watch the videos, but your teenage crush is well understood!