Friday, January 11, 2013

Solo Exhibition at APTE cafe

                                          'You are... [insert text here]'

It kind of just happened. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. TomboyBill called suggesting I call some guy who had a gap in his exhibiting calender. I called and was asked to bring in my folio and then it was done. I was to have my first solo exhibition.
Then the panic set in.....
What if it's no good?!
I don't have this.. I don't have that..
Nothing will be done in TIME!!!!
No one will like it!!!
Why oh why did I say yes to this??!!
Why did Tomboy Bill call me??!!!

I started to hyperventilate. Daniela (from Daniela Esposito creative marketing), stepped in to calm me down. Yep, I panicked just a little.

I have no flyers for this exhibition!!! No problem said Daniella and the next day she presented me with a few options. The day after that they were off to print. Talk about a pro.
I have no idea what pieces I am using and how I am hanging them!! I stressed. Daniella and TomboyBill turned up and helped me sort out which pieces to use and in which order/groups to hang them.
I took the framed prints to APTE, still nervous and full of worry, Tony from APTE was great and hung the prints calmly even with me saying.. "hmm Tony could we try that just a little bit more to the right.. and this other print needs to be just a smidge.. no another smidge more to the left!'

Now it is done. All hung and ready to be viewed.

Now I can breathe again..... now I can be calm.

And here we are.

Here you are

and hopefully you may have time to be there:

538 Heidelberg Road,  Alphington Vic.
(between Grange rd and Station st's).

The exhibition runs from Wednesday January the 9th for three weeks until Wednesday the 30th of January.

There are framed and unframed prints for sale. Starting from only $25

From My artist's Blurb comes this:

"Matthew grew up in and amongst the concrete housing commission towers of the inner Melbourne suburb of Collingwood during the 70’s and 80’s. As part of the underclass Matthew had little but his imagination and a keen eye with which to find joy and beauty in his surroundings.

In continuing this practice with his photographic work, Matthew often brings to our attention the beauty which lies hidden in our world. In particular, the beauty that exists in the minutiae of forgotten and vandalised transient urban spaces.

Just as the piece ‘You are… [insert text’], is a humorous comment on how context and a person’s affect/mood changes the way we think and engage with others, i.e. ‘you are… beautiful’ could very easily be ‘you are …a rat bag’, Matthew’s work asks us to relook at the world around us and at how our preconceived ideas and our affect effects how we view and experience life."

I do hope you may have a few minutes to pop down to APTE, grap a coffee and have a look at my work. Here is a sneak peek, just for you!:

The much talked about ‘Blue Culicidae #53’:

 Black and white prints:

Colorful prints:

Tony from APTE hanging the 'First of the leaves, the last of the leaves' set of four small prints.

My flyer, as designed by the wonderful Daniela Esposito!

Special thanks to Daniela Esposito and TomboyBill, because without the both of you this exhibition would not have happened.
Thanks also to APTE for having my work there and to Tony for taking time out of his holidays to come in and hang the pieces.You are a gem!

All artworks and images are copyright matthew schiavello 2013.
Flyer design copyright Daniela Esposito 2013.


  1. Congratulations to you Matthew, what an amazing thing you have achieved! I am looking forward to checking it out soon.

  2. haha...u r 2 funny

    how many times did you tag Dani & I in this post ??
    ...looks like we payed you to do it... :P

    congrats Flubby,
    hope it all goes well for you

    1. Do you to mean to say that you aren't paying me??!!!

  3. Super super! I keep telling you 'nincompoop' not 'rat bag'!

    1. what kind of a banana calls someone else a nincompoop?? I'll tell ya, a ratbag! that's who! ;-)
      he he he!

  4. you must be so proud of such amazing works. i love them all. i esp. love the abstracts. so much detail and creativity. your flyer is great too, very stylish. i just wish i could see them in person. wishing you nothing but success and i hope you sell them all. even if you don't, the experience alone is worth bucketfuls. chookers dear Matthew. xxxxx

    1. Yevisha, thanks so much for your comments :-)
      My mate Daniela designed the flyer for me..she did a great job in a very short period of time. I feel really fortunate to be able to have my out in public and feel chuffed that others also like my work :-)