Friday, February 8, 2013

City Lanes- Feb 2013

Melbourne is apparently famous for it's lanes. Whether it's in our minds or not, the photographers snapping away madly and people posing in front of the often graffited and street-art filled lanes of Melbourne has to be a sign of sorts. Let me share some images I snapped  recently on a city walk. 

A ghostpatrol  doodle hiding in a doorway:

Some tips for street art spotting in the lanes:

Look Up:

look down:

Look Closely:

Just when you think that you may have seen it all and want to turn back, don't, because just that little bit further on or just around the corner lays something like this:

or this:

Sometimes you can come across a image which makes you think and question the state of things (which I personally love):

or an image that may offend some, but inspire others:

Next time you are in or near town, make some time to wander through Melbourne's laneways. They are always changing and you never know what you may stumble across!

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013.
Art is of course copyright of the individual artists.


  1. Matthew, in the past the only graffiti, quickly erased, was political or jokey. Melbourne then was such you could walk through its streets at night seeing only a handful of other abstracted wanderers. It was very proper and so were most of us. What I like about the graffiti I see now is it hasn't been sanctioned. A lot of it is scribble, but that means that anyone with something to say can grab a bit of limelight, and can be heard/seen. Myself? I'd really like to see some installations, some suddenly-appeared sculptures. Can graffiti get 'bigger', to encompass bigger bits of the world, and can it use more than a spray can? Will it always stay down and out in the lane-ways, slinking, or will its import rise to greater monumentalism?
    Or am I kidding myself, or what?

    1. Hi Gardener, Thanks for reading and commenting!
      I like your thought of street art becoming something bigger. There are street artists who move have beyond the 2d spraying and have created three dimensional pieces. This past week I saw two such pieces.
      Some street artists are also slowly have exhibitions at gallery's and selling pieces on canvas or other mediums.
      That is exciting! Personally i miss the 80's and the subversion of advertising slogans and billboards! That imagery really helped shape me as a person ;-)

    2. The trouble with all of today's graffiti is it's just about however you're feeling. There was a time when the world around us mattered more...people now are so into themselves they can't begin to understand how it is for someone else ( who doesn't have anything ). We don't even begin to understand what it's like for others.
      Tonight there are people out there unable to cope. Does our fashion make it cool to ignore them?

  2. Love the photos Matthew, I need to get to the city some time soon. I love the street art!