Friday, February 22, 2013

Pictures of me

I hate having my picture taken... seriously, ask anyone. I never smile, only because I cannot smile on queue. If i am in a group photograph and it needs to be retaken because someone looked odd/was frowning/had their eyes closed etc, chances are it was me! This is probably the whole reason I got into photography, it is so much more comfortable being behind the camera than in front of it.
So, given how much I dislike pictures of me, I thought I would bite the bullet and share some self portraits and other images. None of these images are the product of computer trickery. Every line, every reflection, everything you see is as captured by the camera. I only subtly adjust the likes of contrast and colour.

Me by me:

                                                             'Reflected #16'

                                                 'Self portrait with curves#27'

'Id, ego & superego#175'

                                            'Clip on cool': too cool to smile.

From my ongoing gender prejudice project:“feminine-masculine: my mother’s son #161”

                    'Self portrait with tiger mask #1: preparing for the shoot'

                                      'Self portrait with tiger mask #15'

Me by others:

                                                              'Me by Daniela'

                                                              'Me by Jan'

 I had taken a picture of a cool Berlin lane in 2010 and as my friend Mary was with me at the time, I handed her my camera so that she could take these photos of me in said lane!  

I think I am kind of smiling in this one......or is that a smirk?

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013


  1. the ego & gender prejudice shots are hilarious...

    but i like the tiger mask on top of head, the best...('preparing for the shoot')

    1. Thanks Tbb, I forgot to mentioned that people can purchase these prints and they would make a great gift for a loved one!!!! only joking of course ;)
      The Ego shot was taken in the toilet of a restaurant that had an insane mirror that gave you multiple copies of your image .. good thing i wasn't out on a date and trying to bust a wayward pimple.. i wouldn't have known what was what!!

    2. oh, p.s. I am on a dating website (aren't we all?) and the 'preparing for the shoot' photo is currently my main picture.. as i have had no luck finding anyone decent, I think I am just having a bit of fun with it all now ;-)

  2. re. dating:
    i think you should def put out the 'humour vibe'...

    That 'ego' mirror is glad it wasn't just some photoshop effect !