Friday, April 12, 2013

All-Female Bands

How much do all-female bands rock?
Recently I was chatting with a friend and the topic of all-female bands came up. We both started talking excitedly about how much we love ladies with guitars and particularly, all-female bands... before you could say 'can you believe that in this day and age that females are still disgracefully treated like second class citizens?!' we started rattling off a list of all-girl bands that we loved! Upon returning home, I thought 'I have to blog about this and share the love!!'

So here are a few of the great all-female bands that had come up in our conversation:

The Spazzys

The Shambelles

Electrelane- 'To the east'

Shonen Knife

The Runaways

The Slits- 'Typical girls'

Chicks on speed

The Raincoats

The 5, 6, 7, 8's- 'I'm Blue' (from the film kill Bill Vol 1)



Ummm, did someone say all-female Chinese punk rock? If so then you will LOVE:
Hang on the box - 'Now I wanna say apology to you'

The Donna's


Luscious Jackson- 'Lady fingers'

Now, this is very cheeky I know, but here are a couple of almost all-female bands (does a male drummer really count?):

that dog- 'never say never'

The Breeders- 'Divine hammer' (as a friend and I were listening to this track on a road trip, my friend  said '"I love this song, but what the hell is a 'divine hammer?".. I replied "no idea, but who cares? this song is cool". My friend agreed and we kept singing lines like:

"I'm just looking for one divine hammer
I'd bang it all day
Oh the carpenter goes bang
Bang bang
I'm just looking for one divine hammer
one divine hammer"

The Breeders- 'Divine hammer'

If you have a favourite all-female band that isn't mentioned.. then please comment and mention away!

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  1. i LOOOOOVE The Breeders - 'Divine Hammer' !!!

    i just googled what the meaning of that song is, and some dude wrote...'a divine f*ck' (haha...pretty blunt ey)

    Now, based on the clip i just saw, which i don't ever remember seeing before, i'm guessin' he's on the right track with that one...