Friday, May 10, 2013

Modern day artists

The past few weeks as I have been walking down lanes and back alleys, I have stumbled across some really cool art. Here are of few of the pieces, starting with this very cool statement:

Fitzroy: ah, the good old days of playing my neighbor's Atari.



Cool door in an alley way:

I love this wall, hidden down a lane:

Don't forget that this is Strath's porridge spot!, but you can still sit there:

North Fitzroy: I love Kaff-eine, not only is her art lovely, but I met her once (yep, I am a name dropper) and she was soooo nice. You can read more about these images at her blog:

Just remember:

So get out there, make art, view art, encourage art and love every minute of it!

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013
Art is copyright the individual artists.


  1. Matthew, so much happens out down there between the lines. Lovely to see so much stuff kicking alive.