Friday, May 3, 2013

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue - May 2012

Something old: 

Otis is always amazing. He could sing the telephone book and still be captivating. This live clip was recorded about 6 months before he died in a plane accident.

Otis Redding - 'I've been loving you too long (live in Montreux 1967)'

Something else that is 'old' and very cool (and I can't recall if I have posted this before, but it is worth a second look), is Bright Eye's - 'First day of my life'. I really like this simple clip.

Bright Eye's - 'First day of my life'

Something new:

My mate Dean turned me onto the group called 'Chvrches'. I kept hearing the track 'Recover' on the J's and really, really like it. This is what electronic pop music should sound like!

Chvrches- 'Recover'

Another (and very different) band that my mate Dean turned me onto many years ago, is Yo La Tengo. I have been playing their new (and thirteenth) Lp 'Fade', a lot on sunday mornings. It is one of those beautiful, rich albums that gently make their way to you and grow on you with each listen.

Yo La Tengo' 'Cornelia and Jane'

Something borrowed:

Our own Angus Stone, does a version of Alabama Shakes track 'Hold on' on Triple J's 'like a version'.
I love this song, so this is really just another excuse to watch and listen to it again. The track starts at the 1.21 minute mark, so feel free to fast forward.

Angus Stone- 'Hold on'

 Something blue:

I recently stumbled across this man Jackson C Frank and wow, his voice has life in it. Unfortunately, his story is a really sad one. Trusty wikipedia says that  he was hospitalised at age 11 with burns over half of his body due to the school furnace exploding and killing 15 of his fellow students. Later on he moved from NYC to London, played music, met Paul Simon who recorded his 1965 LP 'Jackson C Frank'... A year later his mental health is said to have begun to unravel... in the seventies his son died of cystic fibrosis which reportedly lead to him plunging into depression and being institutionalized.  In the 1980's he was homeless in NYC and was blinded by being accidentally shot in the eye. He died aged 56 in 1999 due to pneumonia and cardiac arrest.

Jackson C Frank - 'Blues run the game'


  1. oh i love otis redding and haven't listened to him for ages. your post has rectified that and i've gotten out my otis cds. thank you. i quite like jackson too. haven't heard of him before. what a sad life he led. i enjoy your musical posts. :) hope you are well

    1. Thanks yevisha! I sometimes wonder if I should do a music post or not... It kills me that there are people out there who don't know Otis is !!

  2. Haven't heard of Angus Stone (been away from the country too long) but I like them! Love Alabama Shakes too!

    1. Hey W&S, Angus is great. I posted something from his solo LP back in Sept 2012:

      Come back home and you won't miss all this great stuff ;-)