Friday, June 14, 2013

Lines in my work: Pt 1 - Lines in public and private structures

I love lines. Man-made straight lines and natures not-so-straight lines.
Here is a collection of some of my photography work which is all about lines.

None of these are photographs of paintings. These are all images found walking down the street. Or in entering private and public buildings. Photographs taken when I took a moment and looked about. When I allowed my eye to lead me. Most importantly,  these are photographs of what I had seen and liked. As is my want, I usually focus on one small area and capture something that upon being present out of context, comes into it's own. No longer just an area where aspects of a structure converge, but now an image that (i find to be) pleasing to the eye and something I can hang on my wall. Even though I love capturing lines in public and private spaces, I also love taking photographs of  lines found in lanes and on walls... but more of that next week.  as a side note, I have previously published some of these photographs online.

Lines in public and private structures :

all photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013.


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    1. Hmmm... I like will go with it! :-)

  2. i like lines too. i always remember my art teacher saying there are no straight lines in nature. true. cubism is good too :) great photos as usual, i like the monotones

    1. Thanks Yevisha for your kind words... The colours in the images are 'as is'.. I like them as well :-)

  3. some very sexy lines there...luv ya work