Friday, June 21, 2013

Lines in my work: Pt 2 - Lines in lanes and on walls

I love lines. Man-made straight lines and natures not so straight lines.
Here is a collection on some of my photography work which is all about lines.

None of these are photographs of paintings and none of these are a sole tagger or street artist's work. They are usually bits of graffetti/tagging/street art that have been layered by many others tagging/graffeting or doing they're own street art over the top. I focus in on one small area which has elements of many peoples contributions and as such, I capture something new and unique. Something transient and unlikely to be as it is tomorrow or the next day. By then the space will have had more layers added to it and will have become something else. Just like last week here is another side note stating that I have previously published some of these photographs online.

Lines in lanes and on walls:

All Photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013


  1. You know, Matthew, I'm not a big fan of graffiti, the way it desecrates, in its adolescent way. What I prefer to see is something like you've got here, where focus suggests meaning.
    Graffiti doesn't really have any meaning often. It's just spillage. Perhaps I'm severe. I'd prefer to see adolescents saying something, not just spewing.
    So. Your pictures are beautiful, frame-able even.
    I especially like the pale blue one.
    The trouble with graffiti is it's just slogans and sickness. Only sometimes does the artist say anything the world needs to know.
    Thankyou for transforming a little bit of dumbness into a little bit of beauty.

    1. Thanks Gardener for sharing your thoughts. Graffiti can be an eyesore and many a times i have shaken my head at a beautiful space, building or wall being desecrated and defiled... many a time I have also smiled and been lifted by what I have seen. Lastly, many a time I have seen or found beauty in the un-beautiful and the above pictures above may be evidence, as such.

  2. Great pictures, looking forward to the exhibition.