Friday, September 27, 2013

The last sister to be married.

In June this year my sister Leanne recently married Frank. She is the youngest of my four sisters and the last to be married. At the wedding my aunty asked me when will I get married and I replied when the law here allows it. I have posted some of these images on facebook, but thought I'd share them here.

Leanne and Frank- Bride and Groom

My nephew and one of his very mischievous looks:

My beautiful stepmother-the mother of the bride, looks on:

Now that the church bit is done, my brother and brother in-laws' head off for a quick drink before the official reception. Choosing a cocktail is a very serious affair!:

My niece looks up at mum and aunty:

My brother did a good job as M.C. and is  below captured in a very Las Vegas moment:

My dad gives a speech as my brother looks on in the wings- 'Stand back junior and watch how it is done!':

Father and daughter dance:

One of my sisters tried taking a few shots of me, on my own and with others, this one was in focus. Another of my infamous non-smiling photos:

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue- Sept 2013

It has been a while since I have shared some  music!

Something Old:

Frank Sinatra's 1956 Lp 'Songs for Swingin' Lovers' is a album filled with one great tune after an other. I have played it over the years and never tire of it. A true sign of a classic album.

Frank Sinatra- 'You make me feel so young':

You am I- the Lp 'Hourly Daily' is a relatively modern classic album and has been re-released recently to celebrate 20 years since You am I's debut Lp  'Sound as Ever', was originally released.
A track off the Hourly Daily Lp, which has a swear word in it, is this simple and honest track 'Please don't ask me to smile'.

You am I-'Please don't ask me to smile'

Something New:

This is a group I want to like, but haven't really heard anything that has grabbed me... I don't mind this new tune though.

Fuck Buttons- 'The Red Wing'

I like this track off the Pet Shop boy's new Dance Album, 'electric'. I do have to admit,, that tt is sometimes on the ipod, as I dance/walk my way to work.

Pet Shop Boys- 'Vocal'

I read a bit of hype about the new Boards of Canada Lp, a "return to form", Blah, blah, blah.. who would have thought they were right? It is great and I have it on vinyl.

Boards of Canada- 'Reach for the Dead'

Something Borrowed:
A couple of Aussie groups/artists in Triple J's 'like a version, covering overseas tracks.

I love San Cisco, I think they sound great and yes i am still meaning to buy their debut album. I actually prefer their cover of Daft Punks 'Get lucky', to the original. Maybe fast forward to the 1:13 mark, to miss all the chat

San Cisco: 'Get Lucky'

Ash Grunwald and Andy and Scott from The Living End are joined by Urthboy to cover  'Feel Good Inc' by Gorillaz. Again, maybe fast forward to the 1:16 mark, to miss all the chat:

Something Blue:

Only because this clip has some wonderful blue lighting!

Cold war kids: 'Lost that easy'

Friday, September 6, 2013

New images and descriptions - Sept 2010

I thought I'd post a handful of newer images that have been on various sites and people may or may not have seen. I generally don't like to talk too much about my images, I rather that people like or don't like them for what they personally get from engaging with the image/s. I like that sometimes the title is enough to hint at what may or could be. I like that 10 different people viewing an image can come away with 25 or more different interpretations.  However, after a discussing a few images with a couple of different friends, who keep saying, I like it, but what is it.. and then upon talking about the image, my friends would often react with "woah, I liked it before, but love it so much more now...' I thought I would cheekily provided a comment or two about a few of my new images.

I came across a wall in a grotty door way, off a grotty lane. I have to say that It didn't stink, unlike most doorways I find myself in. Someone had stenciled the word 'dunce' in several places on the wall. I captured a couple of images and then found this one, where presumably someone else had covered the stencil, as if to hide it, I imagined that perhaps it was an act of shame, or perhaps an act of  frustration or defiance, stating "I am not stupid!' Perhaps they covered it up because the felt it inane?  I was initially going to title the piece "I am not!'.. but felt it might be too angry, so instead and because of what was hidden underneath the beautiful black line work I decided to call this piece:
                                                 'the hidden untruth

These next layers of graffiti on a wall, reminded me of wet grey and miserable winter afternoons, but in a melancholic and beautiful way. You know that feeling where the greyness of the outside world seems to evoke a sad greyness in ourselves. As I stood there, I suddenly found myself remembering rain running down windows and the washed out colour and life of wet winter afternoons. I tried writing out variations of the text in English but then realised that the German translation Winternachmittagen’, suited the piece perfectly, well for me anyway.:


These next two images are part of a group of photographs I took of the reflections of people. I really liked how the extension of their reflections created a sense of something else. Idea's of togetherness, separateness, connectedness and disconnectedness came to my mind when I saw these. I like how the reflections in the top photograph, despite being separate shadows, suggest a connectedness in the way they complimented one another:

                                                 'Reflections at NGV #113'

                                                                  'Reflections at NGV #94'

I stumbled across the below scene as I was running late to meet a friend, but I had to stop and take a photo. The pitted wall looked bullet riddled and the red 'dripping' dot lead me to wonder if the 'you' in  'you are here'  represented our ideals and beliefs. I wondered if in some way the frantic shifting pace of the modern world was at risk of whisking us up and off our feet and dragging us along in group thought, in doing so, executing our individualness. Suddenly our precious individual thoughts were being blindfolded, lined up and 'ready, aim...... fire!'. Now replaced with unthinking, unreflective and unquestioning  and group-think.
There are so many ways an image or scene can be imagined and interpreted and in fact this may simply be a cool image stating the obvious, that ' you are here'.

I had a late brunch/lunch with my brother and brother in-law. At lunch they joked about which television couple they were like and who was the 'boss' in their relationship... yes, one was Bert and one was Ernie.  Not long after this I took this photograph. I felt the two smaller circular images in the lower left of the image were these two in essence. Sometimes one holds the other up on their shoulders and sometimes it is the other way around.  The indistinguishableness about them both symbolises the equality between them. The larger image at the top of the photograph symbolizes our patriarchal fathers and what we learn from them/him about how we as men must act/behave. How we as men must be the 'boss' in the relationship and take control, using violence if necessary to force our partners to submit to our wills, because that is what is 'right' and what has been handed down from father to son for generations. In this image, as the father figure watches over and 'guides' then, they look out and away, reflecting upon the relevance of the past knowledge and understandings that have been handed down, in their new and modern world.

                                                          'Chris & Edo #105'

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013