Friday, November 8, 2013

Holidays 2013, Netherlands and Belgium pt 4 : Amsterdam's canal houses, Windmills and Vondelpark.

I asked someone why there weren't any tall buildings in Amsterdam, you know Skyscrapers and stuff.. they replied something about the land barely being able to bear the weight of the existing buildings. The collapsing canal houses apparently show us the difficulty of ensuring that reclaimed land is stable enough to sustain weight over time:


Surely I wouldn't be fulfilling my tourist duties if I didn't visit at least a windmill or two during my stay in the Netherlands!  These two windmills are not that far out of Amsterdam.



On my first day in Amsterdam, I made my way across to Vondelpark. It was lovely and such a joy to see so many people using it on a Sunday evening, including families with children. The park had a really nice feel to it with various types of spaces to enjoy. Suffice to say I walked through it a few times during my stay in Amsterdam.

As I was walking through the park one overcast afternoon, I was listening to Grimes and it just made so much sense!

Grimes: Genesis:

Speaking of Grimes, way back in 2012, geez, do you remember the good old, 2012 days?  My mate Dean wrote a great review of Grimes for my blog post on recent musical purchases, which you can reminisce over, over here.

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