Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some of my recent abstract photographs: April 2014

As we head into a long religious weekend (for some) and as I edge closer to a cafe exhibition in very early May, here are some more of my recent-ish abstract photographic works.


                                                          'Obscured #154'


                                                               'Inner city lines #90'

                                                                 'Dance of the Infidels'

                                                                     'Untitled #49'
                                                                      For Thierry

'Red #60'

'Trust. #5'

                                                                     ‘circular  #26’

All images copyright matthew schiavello 2014


  1. Hello Matthew:

    We find these images most interesting, not least for their colour and form. As with so much abstract art, the mind is set free and the imagination comes into play. The titles add to the intrigue.

    Kellemes húsvéti únnepeket!

    1. Thank you Jane and Lance for your comments. I love that abstract images and art allow one to create ones own meaning and connection with the piece. I am strongly aware that the title has vast influence in the creation of meaning and I try to minimise my use of titles. However, I become bored using 'untitled' too often ;-)