Thursday, June 26, 2014

Experiments on/with film

I recently did some experimenting on film from my camera, that was not processed properly. Ok, small fib, truth be told, I did not correctly load the film into my camera. I then went about and shot the whole roll of film, thinking I had some great shots and later discovered it was all blank.... So rather than mope about, I decided to experiment with the failed film negative and scan the results. I used a combination of acetone and watercolour paints to get these results.

all images copyright matthew schiavello 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Holidays 2013, Netherlands and Belgium pt 10 : Amsterdam - The Arts (pt 2).

During my time in Amsterdam, not only did I spent a bit of time visiting the larger art galleries and museums, but I also visited some amazing smaller photographic galleries.

A couple of interesting ones in particular were, Foam (or Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam) and Huis Marseille. For some reason, rather then refer to these places as 'galleries' my understanding was they were seen as 'museums'!  Foam had a great cafe to sit at and sip a latte or beer as you surfed on the free wifi!  Huis Marseille was much larger and such a lovely building to lose yourself in. Apparently I had arrived at Huis Marseille at the right time, as it had been linked it to the adjacent canal house by new doorways on three floors. There were now 10 galleries/rooms!

There were some great images on show, but I recall particularly being captivated by some of Juul Kraijer's works!
Here is something from her exhibition:

                                                                 'untitled' (2013)

Ilona Plaum also exhibited during my visit. Here is something of hers:

                                       'Horizon as reproduction (17)', (2010)

Speaking of art and culture, by chance, I came across a lovely man who kindly provided me with tickets to the Dutch National Ballet! It was the first and so far only, time I had been to the ballet. The Piece was titled 'Corps' and was amazing. The Corps are the group of dancers who provide a backdrop for the principle dancers. The three pieces in the performance were; the second act of "La Sylphide", "Corps", and "The body of the national ballet". I took along a Alberto, a Cuban man I met on holiday who sounded like Ricky Ricardo when he spoke. He was quite sweet and quite tender... but perhaps more about him another time?... anyway, Alberto and I really enjoyed our evening at the ballet! I should add that Alberto also accompanied me to Huis Marseille.

Here is a trailer for Corps:

Here is an abstract image I took during my time at Foam (or Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam):

Some of my images from Huis Marseille.

Looking out the window:

all photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2014, except  'untitled' (2013) which is copyright Juul Kraijer and 'Horizon as reproduction (17)', (2010) which is copyright of Ilona Plaum.