Thursday, July 24, 2014

Horsham and the Wimmera. Pt 1

Over the first part of this year, as part of  my then job,  I did a few overnight stays in Horsham and visited it's surrounding areas. I took my camera and here are a few shots from my trips. I really love the vastness of the Wimmera. I am in awe by the low horizon, which seems to go on forever with it's flat fields of grain. It also seemed a very lonely place, maybe because often there was nothing for as far as your eye could see?

                                                      'The Wimmera #105'

                                                    'Silos in the Wimmera #111'

                                           'Twilight in the Wimmera  #159'

'Dusk in the Wimmera  #201'

                                       "Sundown at Mount Arapiles #51"

                                  'Dimboola's pink salt lake at the close of day #206'

                                            'Dimboola's pink salt lake at the close of day #190'

                                  'Somewhere along the Wimmera Highway at dusk #147'

All photographs, copyright matthew schiavello 2014


  1. I love all of this 'blank' vastness too Matthew. Perhaps because it's undemonstrative.

    1. Hello Gardener, Hmmm maybe the undemonstrativene quality you speak of, is the reason I find it lonely?

  2. Hello Matthew,

    Yes, we can well see why you would be captivated by the wide expanses of Wimmera and your photographs really capture the great stretches of land and sky which seem to stretch to infinity and beyond. For our own part we might find it rather lonely but, definitely dramatic!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance, Yes Dramatic is a great word to describe the landscapes!