Thursday, April 23, 2015

"The birds will sing for us." for A. K.

"The birds will sing for us."  for A. K.

The birds will sing for us.

They will say what you cannot.

What gets stuck in your throat,

will easily flow through theirs

and their song,

will be as beautiful,

as your intent.

                                             For my love, who loves birds.
                                                     Fitzroy (18/02/15)

Photograph from my instagram site- matthew_schiavello and taken by me.
Words and photographs copyright matthew schiavello
The title 'the birds will sing from us', inspired and taken from the Ed Harcourt track of the same title.


  1. Hello Matthew,

    Such a beautifully simple idea and conveyed with equally fitting spare language. Nature in all its forms seems to us, without words, to be able to convey so many deep emotions. We only have to connect with them.

    1. Thank you Jane and Lance for your thoughts. I couldn't agree more. m.