Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A walk with AK- Nov 2014

Having a photographer as a date/partner or friend, is never easy. You can never just go for a walk, as the camera usually comes along and a 30 minute walk becomes an hour.  Here are some photos from a couple of walks I took with AK last November. A few images of AK waiting for me are thrown in, to show his states of exasperation as I became excited about things to take photographs of.

"AK, look at the patterns these powerlines are making!"

"AK, hold up, you are too fast, look at this cool stuff to photograph!"

"AK, I am almost done, just a few more shots..oh wow, have you seen this??!!!

"AK!, Look at the moon through the power poles and lines! Wow, I have to get a shot of this!"

"AK, Look at the moon and the clouds!, I have to get a photo of this!"

"Hey AK, how interesting is this cracked and painted Footpath?!!!  I have to take some photos of it!":

AK's response:

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2014-2015

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