Thursday, October 1, 2015

Art, photography and the suburbs

I have decided to take some art lessons. I have never studied art, aside from high school art, which I wasn't very good at.  I have some ideas I have sketched out, but cannot make happen, so the time is right to learn some technique and develop some skills!
Here is a line drawing  I did at my first lesson. It is of a lily.

I am also working on some new ideas with my mixed media. Here are a couple if things I am messing about with:
‘Flora #2′, scanned 24/09/15:

‘Orange, yellow and red ('Flora #45)’, Scanned 21/09/15:

'Flora #12 280915':

 'Flora #01 280915':

lastly, here are a couple of photos from some Urban Walks I took with AK.

‘The suburbs #19′:

‘The suburbs #25:

all images copyright matthew schiavello 2015.