Thursday, January 21, 2016


Bowie is dead.
He meant, and means, different things to different people. He was an inspirational artist to me, who changed, created and explored. Rather than remain sad, I will continue to be inspired by him and dare to do, to create and to challenge myself not to become creatively comfortable or stagnant.

Recently the very talented Sarah Blasko did a great version of 'Life on mars' on Triple J's like a version:

I loved 'The next day', Bowie's, album released in 2013. Based on the few samples/snippets I had heard of his most recent album 'Blackstar', I was prepared to dislike it, but instead loved it.

If you haven't seen the clip to Bowie's track 'Lazarus' of his last lp 'Blackstar', here it is:

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