Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Music April 2016

It seems like a while since I posted some new music.

Here is what I have been listening to lately.

The new Parquet Courts  LP "Human Performance' is a bit loose, DIY (in a produced way) and has some great little moments like this one-

Parquet Courts - 'Berlin got blurry'

The Pet Shop Boys have a new Lp out called 'Super'. It is produced by Stuart Price, who did the last LP and this is apparently the second of a trilogy. I really like the pet Shop Boys, but can't help but think that anyone could be singing over these sounds, which sound a bit samey and lack the tonal and musical variety of albums like 'Fundamental'. I do like 'Pop Kids' though.

Pet Shop Boys- 'Pop Kids'

Aussie group 'The Drones' have released a new LP titled 'Feelin Kind of Free'. If you like loose, raw (and with a bit of sonic noise) and interesting Aussie music, then this is well worth a listen. This slower track is a favourite-

The Drones - 'To think that I once loved you'

Lastly, Prince has passed away. Many people will have a favourite Prince track or Lp. I have several and grew up with many of his LP's. Here is a track that never seems to sound old to me.

Prince- 'When Doves Cry'

All music copyright the respective artists.

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  1. it was certainly a shock to hear of prince's passing. hope you are well Matthew.