Saturday, August 14, 2010

Like a child waiting for Christmas

I am a heavy sleeper and I love my sleep, probably more that I love a nice hot bath, if that is possible. Though I love a sleep in, I usually set an alarm for 9am. I listen to the news in bed, then get up. To sleep in any later than this gives me the feeling that I have wasted half of the day, which annoys me. The sleep-in is usually a weekend luxury. Currently I am not working, and this means I have gotten into the bad habit of being up until 1-2am, then sleeping in till 9am. The past few mornings something interesting has occurred. I have been waking up several times during the early hours of the morning, checking the time, thinking.. ‘its too early’ resuming sleep, then for some reason around 7am I am wide awake  wondering if I have received an email from someone who has been away on holiday.  Each of the past three days I have woken with anticipation, looking forward to reading a new email from this person, each of these days has been an email-less one. ‘Oh well’ I think, ‘they must still be away, or busy’. Though I feel a little saddened, excitement soon fills me again thinking that tonight or tomorrow I may hear!  I feel like a child at Christmas time, waiting for the presents to magically appear under the tree. Never knowing when or even if anything will arrive, but still there eager, hopeful and full of excitement.

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