Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Old Songs- one fine day

As i have been cleaning up.. i came across some songs i had written a while back...

"One fine Day"

(Verse) One fine day, I'll make you mine
I'll take you to the river and drown you
Just like my heart, a current so strong
Will wash you away

(Chorus) And when they come, to find you
the ribbon that held you hair, will be all that's left

(Verse) And I'll cry (crocodile tears) and act morose
and ask to lead the search for you
With torches, we'll trample the night
and I alone will find, your suicide note

(Chorus) It's perfumed Sweetness, I'll bring to my lips
and do to it, what I could never do to you


(Verse) and the love, you  took from me
I now, reclaim

Copyright Matthew Schiavello 2010

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