Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some signs from my trip to germany 2010

On my recent worldwind tour, I was a good tourist, spent all of my money supporting local community and took a lot of photos. Here are four photos I took of signs I liked in Germany. The first one is 'Hansaplatz', which is in Berlin and I think it is a U-bahn station (or maybe a S-Bahn?). This is a favorite.

The next three signs are all from Munich. I have no idea what they say, but like them!

The next one, is such a cool old building with great blue tiles!! I also love the name of the business! I think this is a favorite as well!!

Lastly, this one according to a friend say's Glass and mirrors..


  1. according mein fruend Jurgen, and my spelling of the the first sign in Munich SCHAUMSTOFF is foam.

  2. Many thanks ric for the translation!!!