Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unisex toilets

I am excited to report that not only have I obtained new employment, but more importantly my new employer has unisex toilets!!!!  This is one step closer to the heaven that is- female toilets.

I am a self confessed toilet connoisseur and also admittedly have phobias about public toilets.. i.e. I am one of those people who will hold in my bowl movement all day, because I can only poo at home. Yes you heard me, I am more comfortable walking about all day in discomfort,  then i would be in using a toilet that wasn’t my own... and don’t even speak to me about using a urinal to pee... that I cannot do!!! I need the safety and security of the cubicle and once I am safely in the cubicle I find it hard to pee if others are about and can hear what is going on... recently this meant that I flushed a toilet, washed my hands and left the toilet without actually going!!!, all because someone was in the next cubicle and it was all too quiet. I was anxious at what they might have thought at the sound of me peeing loudly in a cubicle ???? No need to tell me its insane behaviour, believe me, i know.. after all I live with it. 

Back to toilets...... Men’s toilets are usually disgusting... at Uni the closer to the ground floor the toilets are, then I have found that the worse the toilets generally smell.. Mostly the word that springs to mind when I enter the male toilets is ‘RANK’.  I have no idea why this is the case.. in fact at uni I snapped this picture of a sign instructing Men how to use the toilets appropriately... I think they should have included something about not peeing on the seats or the on floor in the cubicle stalls.

In my endeavours to find a decent toilet at Uni, I have visited many other floors and recently thought I hit the jackpot..... I walked into the toilet, which not only smelt lovely, had a shower, no urinals, only cubicles... and had lovely painted coloured walls and mellow lighting!!! It was as if I had died and gone to heaven!!! Then as I walked into the cubicle,  the sanitary napkin waste bin brought my heavenly haze all undone... I had walked into the female toilets.. alas, If it is too good to be true,  then chances are it is... as was the case here.. unsurprising, as I then entered the correct and rank male toilets, I was greeted with urine splashed over the toilet seat.. YAY !!! 

Whilst I would love to be able to use the female toilets when ever and where ever I wanted to, obviously social norms don’t allow me this and relegate me to the rankness of male toilets...however, at my new work place  I have found a lovely compromise... The unisex toilet!!! And for the moment all is well in my world!!!  Now I just need to work on those other issues....


  1. Are you crazy?? It is SO unnatural to hold in your waste products, full of toxins. Goodness knows what they are doing to the body tissues which have to accommodate them :(

  2. what am i mean to do?????
    errr aside from 'go to the toilet'..i mean :-)

  3. hehe I think it's perfectly okay to hold until until you're in 'safe' surrounds. I have another friend who has to leave work in her lunch hour, drive home, because she can only poo when she's naked at home. This does has its career limitations and she can only work around 10km from home to make the journey! We've all got our cross to bear.

  4. The trick to overcoming the toilet is to take a huge dose of laxative and when it takes efgfect you have no choice but to face your fears, or you could just shit your pants. As a person who has cleaned thousands of toilets in my time I can assure you that it was better to do the mens over the womens but thats a whole story in itself that I am sure your blog followers dont want to hear about LOL :)