Friday, October 22, 2010

The good the bad and the ugly: October 2010

The Good:

Recently during my lunch break I stumbled across a second hand Lp store and picked up 3 very very cool Lp’s for about $38

The soundtrack to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. ahh!!!... Henry Mancini, Moon River, Audrey Hepburn, a young and dashing George Peppard… Say no more!!

Ella Fitzgerald singing Gershwin.. two legends on one LP= Brilliant!

Bud Powell, collection of works from 1949-51, double LP… melodic be-bop genius!!! 

The bad:

A while back I had a massage and when the masseuse asked how hard do I like it, I flippantly said something  stupid like "as hard as you can go”. She was so rough that I was almost crying like a little baby, gritting my teeth to stop the tears and telling myself ‘go to your safe space, go to your safe space’. My bloody stupid ego wouldn’t let me say ‘stop!, please be gentle’… very recently I did go back and I tried to get someone else to massage me, but this place has some ridiculous policy where you have to see the same person, no if’s or but’s.. and stupidly I saw her again… This time it was different, don’t get me wrong, she didn’t let up on the pain, nor did I stand up to my massive ego, and beg the masseuse for mercy... no, the difference was that this time she was massaging me barefoot and she had really, really stinky feet.. Yeah.. and I still didn’t say anything… at least the pain distracted me from the stench..

The ugly:
Having mentioned my is only fitting that I tell you about how I sweltered all day because of it. Today was one of those beautiful warm spring days where people walked down the street in shorts, t-shirts, polo tops, light dresses, etc.. I didn’t realize it was going to be so warm and wore a shirt and jumper to work and sweated all day as a result (our air-con is just about non-existent)… ‘why didn’t you just take the jumper off?’, I hear you ask… well because the shirt is too small for me and my growing tummy is trying to burst through… not a great look…I did consider buying a polo-top at lunch time.. but felt it only fitting I suffer for all of my recent over eating… 
Avert your gaze now if you are about to eat, or just ate.

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  1. Matthew, You deserve to be pummelled into tears and anguish if you let the smelly-footed masseuse continue with pressure that is so hard. I am not sorry for you in the slightest!