Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its official !

This week a few new Cd’s arrived at my door:

which made it all official:

I am a rainbow flag wavier! 

Even the Australia Post-man knows…

On a serious note, I have been singing along to these cd’s and feeling my indie cred of yesteryear slip further away..

So in a desperate attempt to be cool again I took a photo of some obscure indie-eclectronic cd’s I just brought, and for some extra cred- they were limited to a small production run as well…but the problem is that these cd’s are so obscure that the camera just can’t make any sense of them:

Geez.. old age makes one terribly desperate.. 


  1. I think singing along to those old shows is the greatest therapy!

  2. you are probably right...
    and i should just let go of the imagined indie cred i once thought i had ;-)
    as a friend recently said to me (in response to this blog):
    "just embrace that giant, musical cabreret queen that's within's in your genes, you can't avoid it ! "