Friday, October 15, 2010

Time to be happy?

I think of all the things I am doing and where I am at.
Am I happy? Well…. I know I am not unhappy.

I am busy, stressed a little with all my uni work, which will all be over in a matter of weeks... but the question comes back to- am I happy?

I think that I am too busy to be happy.

I don’t have time to appreciate what I have, where I am at, or how far I have come this past year, past few months and past few weeks even!
Even now I find myself wondering if it is that I don’t have time to be happy, or that I don’t allow myself time?
I have come so far from where I was, that I should be reveling in contentment, accomplishment, in a sense of satisfaction, well being and well.. just bloody well feeling good!

My current state of over commitment with work and uni has left me feeling distracted, uptight and stressed. To what end?

What is the point of success and achievement if they can not be appreciated and enjoyed?

What is the point in making time to do things if we are not going to make time to be happy and enjoy what we have achieved and done?

For all I know my last breath could be tomorrow. How disappointing the thought is, if in these final moments I spend reflecting on and regretting the happiness I did not allow myself to experience, all because I was too busy doing other things.


  1. You need to be happy IN what you are doing not for the end result of happiness. What are you expecting, to get to some point and reach Nirvana and then what? Matthew, if you aren't happy doing what you are doing then stop it!

  2. True, you do need to be happy in what you do...
    but in this modern world can we be happy with all that we do? Does each mouthful of food need to be a mouthful or a moment of bliss, does each step we take need to be a cheer filled step?
    Life is filled with moments that sit somewhere in-between happiness and unhappiness... perhaps these moments are like stepping stones?..and hopefully in navigating these stepping stones, that are important in their own right, we don't take up too much of our time.
    Having said this... If we are able to keep in mind the goals or things that fill us with happiness.. on the path we take towards these things- eating breakfast, walking to work, applying for the dream job etc..we might just well travel these paths and complete these tasks filled with the happiness that we expect to soon have.
    and having said that-
    do we need to be happy all of the time?..
    and if you say 'yes', then I invite you to let this question sit with you- with out darkness, how do we define light?

  3. Matthew,

    All your answers are in this weeks "Target Catalogue"

    Happiness is .....dresses

    You have wasted all this time worrying when you could have been shopping!!

    xx Meg

  4. LOL...ahhhh yes..
    the answer was right before my eyes ;-)

  5. Embrace the inner tranny and u will find happiness. TS xxx