Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Be Free...

It started with a cold sore and ended with a hand drawn flower and the words ‘be free… live life’.

I had been feeling ‘blah’ for a few weeks now and then the cold sore erupted, seemingly overnight. I called her- the healer, the spiritualist, the shaman. She has so many names. We talked. She worked her magic. My anger that had lain hidden and unexpressed, was drawn out. As if doing this wasn’t enough, she gave me another gift. She drew a flower, with the words ‘be free’ written above it and ‘live life’ written below. Even now I think about it-‘be free, live life’. A simple phrase, it’s richness lies in its application, in the doing. I catch myself thinking, analysing, my mind ticks over and my brow furrows. I stop and smile at my folly. The realisation has come, Yes, it is that simple…

As I write this I am reminded of some street art I had snapped on my local walks. I have no idea who the artist/s responsible is/are, but I am grateful for their art!! (p.s. I am certain that the playing cards are real).

This first one is placed over the roof of a toilet block, on the side of a Cafe on Blyth St, East Brunswick.

This next one is on the side of a building on Smith St, Collingwood (perhaps a cafe/bar?).

Lastly, this is on the side of the 'Tin Pot Cafe' on St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy.

Let your troubles fall away. Be free, live life.... it is as simple as it sounds. What have we been waiting for?

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  1. "Be Free", I love it and glad that you showed me some of the art work today. I will try and get to the other locations and have a look. See you soon.