Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Friday at Heide Museum of Modern Art- pt 2

Continuing on from the previous post about 'D' and I visiting Heidi this past good Friday (click here for Pt 1), here are more some pictures from our day out. One of the funniest things about that day was that afterwards, we realised that we'd had such a great time on the grounds, that we had forgotten to go into any of the galleries! So after 20 odd years of Heide museum of modern art being on my 'to-do-list', it still remains there!

I have no idea what this is, some kind of mushroom? D kept referring to it as 'top-deck', because it reminded her of the similar looking chocolate.
D stumbled across this view and called my attention to it.We just knew that we had to take a picture of it.

 If you haven't already been to Heide go, if not for the art, go at least for the stunning grounds!Hopefully the pictures that D and I took on our day out captured a little bit of that beauty. D and I did end our afternoon of frolicking amongst nature and the scultures, with a late lunch at CafĂ© Vue at Heide. This is an off-shoot of Vue de Monde, and was lovely. We overdosed on carbs' with a potato and leek pie each(served with mashed potato and mashed pea), as well as the side of hand cut chips! We were so hungry we just ordered without thinking! Still, it was all yum and we had no regrets!

If you do want to know more about Heide, (and after viewing these pictures how could you not??), click here for their website!  

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  1. what gorgeous pics and lunch looks oh so delish. :) hope you are well Matthew. :)