Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cleaning out the front room- forgotten treasures

I was cleaning out my front room recently and whilst culling my CD collection I came across these forgotten treasures.

This first one is such a cool tune. Handsome Boy Modelling school, A.K.A Dan the Automator and Prince Paul. This track features Sean Lennon, Josh Hayden and Money Mark.

Handsome Boy Modelling School: 'Sunshine'

This next one, was a tune I loved for so long, I can't believe I had forgotten it.

Everything but the girl- 'Walking wounded'

This next one many people loved... well a few people I know hated it.. but with lines like:
'A letter to you on a cassette, cause we don't write anymore'.. and
'there's no aphrodisiac like loneliness, you shouldn't leave me alone'...
how can you not get caught up in it?

The Whitlams: no aphrodisiac

In the process of cleaning out my front room I also found some notebooks I had written in a very long time ago. I think I was in my early 20's at the time. Yikes!!!!! As I previously shared three songs, I will share some pieces from three notebooks found. These writings of youth with its dizzying heights and depths... where every feeling seems to be overwhelming... Ah to be young again and to feel the roller-coaster highs and lows of life, love and unrequitedness... ummm, maybe not.

One notebook I titled 'Things best left unsaid'.


Everything comes to an end.
Somethings sooner than most
The sadness that permeates
the happiness that never was.


In another note book I wrote down some thoughts on relationships (some editing done for flow):

We define our relationships as we live them. Conventional rules are no longer relevant- wife, kids, dog, till death do us part. Now the possibilities are endless and fidelity seems a curious remnant of the past, something quaint, something that we wish we had still. The rules of modern relationships seem to be discovered as we hurt and become hurt ourselves. If the hurt does not tear us apart, we learn of a new boundary, a new rule of engagement. Writing the rules as we go hurts like hell. Why can't we harken back to the old days and ways,  using their learning's, reshaping to suit our modern life?

Theses are from the last of the notebooks rediscovered:

In the silence that gathers
my heart lies broken
Words cannot express
this deepest, deepest sorrow.


I do but wish to be with you
to feel your warmth and caring
this mouth so sweet, I'm wanton to kiss
Oh, but I do so wish.


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