Saturday, June 2, 2012

something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue - June 2012

Something old:
Two tracks here to enjoy.. firstly the not-that-old, in fact just from last year, Mogwai's beautiful 'Does this always happen'. It is off their  'Earth Division' EP.

Mogwai 'Does this always happen'

Secondly - Sam Cooke's tune 'A change is gonna come' as beautifully performed by Otis Redding.
This off the Brilliant 1966 'Otis Blue/Otis Redding sings Soul'  LP.
Otis Redding-'A change is gonna come'

Something new:

This clip is so beautiful. Oh, and the band is great as well.. I have a few of their Lp's, but  haven't given the new LP a good listen yet. This clip is filled with so many wonderful moments. 

Explosions in the Sky- "Postcard from 1952" 

I can't recall if i have posted this next track before.. but Stereogum, recently posted it as the top clip so far in 2012, so lets check it out again, if only because it is freaking cool!!..

MIA- 'Bad Girls'

Something borrowed:

Lisa Mitchell's great cover of M83's 'Midnight city'.From Triple J's like a version.

Lisa Mitchell- 'Midnight City'

Something blue:

From the brilliant Lp, 'Songs of Love and Hate'. This track is filled with so many great lines, but then again what Leonard song isn't?  Still every time I hear  "And thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes I thought it was there for good so I never tried", my breath catches.

Leonard Cohen- Famous Blue raincoat. (Live in 1979)


  1. great post. you always have the best videos.

    1. Too kind of you to say so Princess! I do like to share the things I like and I think the musicians and all involved with the video's have done an amazing job... The stunts in MIA's clip are so well done :-)

  2. Leonard Cohen is my hero! Oh by the way, we'll be back for 2 weeks end of Nov and 1st week of Dec! Clear your diary!!