Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Berlin - pics from 2010 holiday

This first one is of the very cool S-Bahn station 'Alexanderplatz', which My friend Mary and I stayed across the road from, in a nice and reasonably priced  apartment.

The next picture is of the TV tower which is next to Alexanderplatz station. This was a great landmark which Mary and I relied on many times in finding our way back home. 

This next one was a cool looking lane somewhere near Marketplatz (?). It's exposed wiring was a bit of an OH & S concern, but as it wasn't raining we thought that we would be ok to take a few quick photos.

This last photo is of an amazing looking S-bahn or U-Bahn station somewhere in Berlin.

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  1. Last one looks like the Station under the Unter den Linden, which was bricked up when the wall divided Berlin. J

  2. I think you are right!!! I did go to a station that was bricked up.. and now that I think about it, i think this was it...cheers 'j' who ever you are...